Mihaela Iordache, Luisa Roxana Popescu, Luoana Florentina Pascu, Ioan Iordache
Conference: International Symposium “The Environment and the Industry”
Date: October 13-14, 2016
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Published: 2016
MacKay Model
Volatile organic compounds
Volatile aromatic
The purpose of this paper is to assess the degree of pollution with volatile organic compounds
(VOCs) and volatile aromatic hydrocarbons (BTEX) in water, sediment, biota in lessening the
environmental risk. The mathematical model MacKay was performed for volatile organic
compounds (dichloromethane, trichlorethylene, and perchlorethylene) and volatile aromatic
hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene) and as a study areas were chosen sections
Cremenari, Babeni-Marcea, Zavideni, Dragasani and Strejesti on the Olt River. The modeling
revealed the tendency of transfer to section “air” a dichloromethane, trichloroethylene,
benzene, toluene and ethylbenzene, are known that are volatile. However, based on modeling
is observed a significant transfer of pollutant perchlorethylene in section “biota” in amounts
that can generate medium to long term by taking over risks to human health in the food chain.
The modeling has achieved its purpose, providing rapid and with a number of primary values
low “fingerprint of pollution” in the accumulation lakes Babeni-Marcea, Zavideni, Dragasani
and Strejesti, that indices conclusive risk assessment of rapid which underpin the conclusions
on actions / preventive actions for future study area.

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