Smaranda Masu
Conference: International Symposium “The Environment and the Industry”
Date: October 13-14, 2016
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Published: 2016
The paper present the studies of sensitivity of exposed lichens to different levels of
heavy metals pollution. It investigated the behavior of the Parmelia sp. (acacia wood
support) transplanted from unpolluted areas into laboratory conditions. The pollution
has been achieved by the various synthetic solutions of Cd or/and Zn. Process are
complex and many factor affect heavy metal bioaccumulation. Time of exposure to
pollution, quantity and metal species, their ratio, tissues metal bioaccumulation and
their relationship with the health of lichens are discussed. In this context resulted that
the presence of two metal i.e. Zn and Cd in synthetic solution has determinate reduced
2-4 times the metal amount bioaccumulation of tissues lichens compared to the
accumulated amount in the presence of single metal in polluting solution. High
concentrations of metals in the environment can dramatically affect lichens life. The
lichens studies of bioavailability of metal could further enhance utility as air quality
biomonitoring tool.

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